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The rental agreement is between Magnolia & Pine (we) and the Customer (you). By placing your order with payment, the Customer agrees to the following

Terms and Conditions.

  1. All rented props remain the property of Magnolia & Pine at all times.

  2. All rented props must be collected and returned to our location at 43 Keppel Road #01-07 unless otherwise arranged with Magnolia & Pine. 

  3. Customer is to inspect all the rented props upon collection to ensure that there is no defect to any of the props rented Some items do show signs of wear and tear and this may be noted. If the customer does not inspect the items before removing them from our premises, the items are deemed satisfactory and damage-free. Please hold on to the wrapping/packaging and keep them in good order for repacking. Any loss or damage to the packaging or boxes will be charged at replacement value.

  4. A refundable security deposit of $150 is required upon collection of the rented props. This will be refunded to the customer once the props are returned undamaged and in the same condition as when the items left our premises.

  5. If rental prop(s) is/are found damaged or misplaced, the Customer will be charged accordingly. 

  6. During the rental period if any items are damaged or broken please contact us so we may be able to assess the damage and determine whether the item can be repaired. Customers are responsible for rental items from time of delivery until they are returned to us. All items are inspected and counted upon return.

  7. Damaged items include but are not limited to mildew, burns, stains, tears and breakage will be charged a damage fee of 3 times the rental cost. All damaged items must be returned. Items lost or not returned will be charged at the rate of 4 times the rental cost. Under no circumstances are you allowed to wash the linens.

  8. This is deducted from the security deposit accordingly. If the damages caused exceed the security deposit amount, Customer is to pay the additional charges incurred to Magnolia & Pine within 3 days of the return date.

  9. The standard rental period is 4 days (e.g. Thurs - Sunday). Customer may request to extend rental period, provided Magnolia & Pine must agree to any extension. Request must be submitted prior to or during the rental period and any permitted extension is chargeable at +$10/additional day.

  10. For late returns past loan period, Customer will be charged an addition of +$25/ additional day late. This will be deducted from your security deposit. Failure to return within 3 days from the agreed rental period, Customer will forfeit the full deposit.

  11. Magnolia & Pine accepts no responsibility for injury caused to any person or damage caused to any property of the customer resulting from the rental of our items. 

  12. Cancellations will adhere to the following refund scheme:

    1. Cancellation made 4 weeks or more prior to the rental period: 100% rental refund + full deposit.

    2. Cancellation made within the 3rd week prior to the rental period: 75% rental refund + full deposit.

    3. Cancellation made within the 2nd week prior to the rental period: 50% rental refund only, deposit is forfeited.

    4. Cancellation made less than 2 weeks prior to the rental period: Both rental refund and deposit are forfeited.

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